Our facility QTrials Medical and Research Center, is a fully functional and committed medical establishment with an experienced team that specializes on clinical research study in Phases I-IV.

We subsidize the pharmaceutical society with the improvements of medications and medical equipment to pursue an end result where you will gain a superior quality of life. QTrials has a wide range of board certified team members and has colluded successfully with pharmaceutical companies. We will continue to meet and surpass enrollment, retention, and data principles while complying with the Good Clinical Practice Guidelines

At QTrials we are constantly searching for individuals who would like to participate in current or upcoming trials. This work is on a volunteer basis. Each participant is well educated about our trials and its process before they sign up. Please refer to our current studies page and contact our office via telephone or email us to enroll. If you are interested in being a part of our team at QTrials see the career section on our website.

Our Doctors